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Unfurl Your Imagination



An International Holding Company for Intellectual Properties.



Acquire, protect and promote creative Works including: 

Novels, Screenplays & Absolute Intelligent Technology


Comfort and a juvenile joy bedding my heart...


 Enjoy Award-Winning

   Artistic Excellence. 

Embark on a blooming journey with OleRose! We navigate the dynamic market currents, crafting your brand like a delicate rose in full bloom. Our creative leadership ensures your brand story is not only precise but also attuned to the evolving market landscape. Let OleRose be the gardener of your brand's growth, cultivating it into a captivating rose amidst the ever-changing business garden. 🌹✨

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Embark your creative  journey on the vessel, "OleRose," and set sail into a world of endless possibilities and boundless imagination. With a seasoned crew of filmmakers and publishers by your side, each possessing a wealth of experience, the voyage promises to be both exhilarating and enriching.


In the ever-changing currents of the entertainment industry, the guidance, leadership, and knowledge offered by OleRose are like the North Star guiding you through the stormy seas. Navigating the legal intricacies, tapping into the depths of creativity, and mastering operational challenges with strength and resilience, be poised to turn visions into reality.


From the inception of an idea to its manifestation on screen, OleRose empowers you to weave the narrative amidst the constantly churning waves of the industry. It's not just about storytelling, it's about crafting experiences that resonate deeply with audiences, leaving a lasting impact on hearts and minds.  

... All life fades into this sensation of limitless space, the mind. No memories confuse this elevation, no regrets, no guilt or fear can compete with such bliss. The summer-rain with its soothing sound of cleansing massive showers washes all sins into swelling streams of rapid waters. I am traveling into an embrace of timeless trust and childlike faith, everything is bright, covered by an umbrage of night, seeking out few islands of city lights. No gravity, all energy is now, not past and not later.

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